Since starting this site in February 2019, I vaguely had an idea of what I wanted to create.

I would mostly try to create stuff for people solely for the sake of pleasing them. But then there came a point where I wanted to get more creative.

So what am I creating here?

In case you guys don’t know, this all started because of an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown (R.I.P). This episode in particular was filmed in Queens, and it talks about Queens in a particular way that really pulled me in. It was so well done that I watched it over and over and over. Then I stopped watching it when I realized something very important:

There’s so much about Queens – and the rest of New York at that – that they didn’t really cover everything I wanted to know. There are so many stories and people to get to know here in this great city, and I don’t know if I could find anyone who can emulate the same magic Parts Unknown did.

Before that I never really filmed anything. I always tell everyone I meet that I’m actually a writer at heart.

And as a writer, I appreciate good, organized storytelling.

So I decided that I wanted to pick up from that episode of Parts Unknown: Queens.

I launched this website not knowing what I was actually going to do with it – I just knew I wanted to start some kind of blog. I admit though that I am not a web designer and it’s been quite a challenge maintaining this site, haha.

So if you notice how bare-bones this site is, it’s totally and completely intentional – until someone decides they want to help me design it.

So who is my audience?

The short answer is that we’re here to appreciate our local artists and the work that they do.

The long answer is someone who appreciates good stories from everyday people, who can relate to scrappy underdogs trying to make their way to the top. Someone who wants to know if there’s more to life here in New York than the usual stereotypes. And most importantly, someone who truly understands and appreciates diversity – which is the most important theme of what this brand represents.

Now, here is Episode 3 – enjoy!

As you may have noticed, we’re taking a sort of improvisational approach to all this. Long story short, we couldn’t create a YouTube two months ago when we started this blog, but now we have it set up! Check it out!

Views – a small subset of projects that we’re currently doing. They’re basically short clips of views that captivated us, and we made them our own.

More to come later!


Hey everyone!

Last post was written as I first set foot in the Philippines. I was so focused on my time there that I didn’t even bother putting up any posts and what not. It also didn’t help that Wi-Fi was so limited there, but that’s another story. SoI do have footage, and I’ll get to work on those.

Now that I’m back in NY, with reliable internet, I’ll put everything up and present it in good fashion.

Thanks for your patience!


Hey guys! I’m currently writing this from the Philippines! Right now, I’m settled in a place called Taguig in Metro Manila. I just got here a few days ago and I’m still suffering from some jetlag. It’s been great so far, and I’ve been taking lots of pictures and videos, which I plan on putting here on the site. So stay tuned!


The sky. The trees. The grass. The air that we breathe, the water we drink;

All of those things tell a story.

Whether if its a story of origin, of events happening presently, or a speculation of where all of that will be, there is something that must be said and shared to others in hope of provoking thoughts.

I could tell you that the sky is blue because of sun rays hitting the atmosphere – a product of physics. I can also tell you its the same sky that everyone you’ve ever known, read about, and experienced life with stood under.

I could tell you that the trees standing outside your window have stood for 100 years, and that these same trees will be viciously cut down with the intent of urbanization.

I could tell you the grass you stand upon brings back thoughts of 60 yard dashes across the field, game-winning kicks, and that the man who keeps it trimmed down is putting a family of four through school, putting food on the table for his family.

The air we breathe consists of mostly oxygen, and parts nitrogen. It’s crucial to life, and that some nations around the world are threatened by poor air quality. In tandem, climate change will raise sea levels to a point where cities resting at sea level are threatened. Also the same water we drink was also drank by dinosaurs millions of years ago. And lastly, the existence of water creates a unique environment where life exists, in a universe where life is a rare commodity.

Whether or not you want to fact-check these claims, whether they are true or false, or conspiratorial, the language used here has the potential to create narratives. Narratives, in turn, provide meaningful stories. Stories create value and appeal to those who are willing to read or listen, ultimately to learn from them.

That’s the goal here – this is why this exists.

For a long time, I found myself dabbling in all sorts of shit, both creative and practical, but one thought would override everything and stop me in my tracks:

“What is it all for?”

Existentialism aside, life experience makes a series of great stories. And a lot of them are untold.

So let’s tell the stories that aren’t told, through media that can resonate as heavily as possible.

This is just the beginning, so stay tuned for some great stories.


Our first ever story on this site consists of several factors:

Two boroughs, one mall.

A rapper.


Riots. Anarchy.

The Puma Store.

If you lived in Queens for a while – or for a little more than a while – there’s only one mall to go to if you wanna get shit.

The Queens Center Mall.

Literally at the center of Queens in the neighborhood of Elmhurst, you come here because its closer than other major shopping centers in the city. It’s more easily accessible than the malls in Long Island, and even more considerably a stone’s throw away from Outlet Shopping centers.

So what happens when you’re literally the only mall in the borough of Queens?

Well, you get fucked.

And fucked it got.

On Friday, March 8th, rapper A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie was scheduled to appear at Queens Center Mall at an exclusive event at the Puma store.

Just to rewind a bit, if you grew up in Queens and happen to be between the ages of 13-18, you most definitely thought the mall was the crack meetup spot.  I went to high school in Long Island, so no shits given – we had the better mall.  But when I ask friends about the legacy of Queens Center Mall during their teenage years, the consensus is this:

“I don’t go there anymore. It reminds me of high school.”

So when an artist that caters mostly towards said crowd of 13-18 year olds appears at the only mall in Queens, one must ask, “What could possibly go wrong?”

Fun Fact: A Boogie never came.

There is nothing about my life that indicates it as more interesting than anyone else’s.

I do what a lot of other people do: I eat, I sleep, I drink, I mourn, I hope, among other things. I’m the type of guy that does things just to do them, hoping that I can get some kind of rise out the situation. In essence, it feels like a boring life – but to those that actually know me, they would say it’s an overstatement.

This all started when I moved into my new apartment. I moved into a sizeable enough apartment in Astoria, Queens, in New York City. Some people would say I’m living it pretty good. “A lot of people would like to be in your shoes,” is what they would say.

But something is missing.

I work, make enough money, I’m by no means rich. But I’m comfortable enough to complain about things that are not worthy of being heard. Things like worrying about alternate side parking rules, and why I would rather drive in NYC instead of taking the train. But let’s admit it – especially for my fellow residents around here – the Subway here sucks, and it’s going to suck forever.

My name is Chris. And I’m just like you, trying to navigate through the struggles. And maybe once you’re passed those struggles, you’re trying to navigate through all the complacency.

So let’s navigate through all of this together.

You can call this one post something of an introduction. I’m merely trying to get my feet wet by writing and showcasing a little bit of a “writing-style.” Well, this is it.

I’m particularly proud of my writing, and it’s probably one of the only legitimate skills that I could demonstrate, so this all feels cathartic right now.

Stay tuned for more of the catharsis, and I’ll fill you in on this mission of ours.


– Chris