It’s All Coming Together Now. (Scroll down if you want to get straight to Ep. 3 of The UnderDog.)

Since starting this site in February 2019, I vaguely had an idea of what I wanted to create.

I would mostly try to create stuff for people solely for the sake of pleasing them. But then there came a point where I wanted to get more creative.

So what am I creating here?

In case you guys don’t know, this all started because of an episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown (R.I.P). This episode in particular was filmed in Queens, and it talks about Queens in a particular way that really pulled me in. It was so well done that I watched it over and over and over. Then I stopped watching it when I realized something very important:

There’s so much about Queens – and the rest of New York at that – that they didn’t really cover everything I wanted to know. There are so many stories and people to get to know here in this great city, and I don’t know if I could find anyone who can emulate the same magic Parts Unknown did.

Before that I never really filmed anything. I always tell everyone I meet that I’m actually a writer at heart.

And as a writer, I appreciate good, organized storytelling.

So I decided that I wanted to pick up from that episode of Parts Unknown: Queens.

I launched this website not knowing what I was actually going to do with it – I just knew I wanted to start some kind of blog. I admit though that I am not a web designer and it’s been quite a challenge maintaining this site, haha.

So if you notice how bare-bones this site is, it’s totally and completely intentional – until someone decides they want to help me design it.

So who is my audience?

The short answer is that we’re here to appreciate our local artists and the work that they do.

The long answer is someone who appreciates good stories from everyday people, who can relate to scrappy underdogs trying to make their way to the top. Someone who wants to know if there’s more to life here in New York than the usual stereotypes. And most importantly, someone who truly understands and appreciates diversity – which is the most important theme of what this brand represents.

Now, here is Episode 3 – enjoy!

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