The Stories We Tell Are Everything

The sky. The trees. The grass. The air that we breathe, the water we drink;

All of those things tell a story.

Whether if its a story of origin, of events happening presently, or a speculation of where all of that will be, there is something that must be said and shared to others in hope of provoking thoughts.

I could tell you that the sky is blue because of sun rays hitting the atmosphere – a product of physics. I can also tell you its the same sky that everyone you’ve ever known, read about, and experienced life with stood under.

I could tell you that the trees standing outside your window have stood for 100 years, and that these same trees will be viciously cut down with the intent of urbanization.

I could tell you the grass you stand upon brings back thoughts of 60 yard dashes across the field, game-winning kicks, and that the man who keeps it trimmed down is putting a family of four through school, putting food on the table for his family.

The air we breathe consists of mostly oxygen, and parts nitrogen. It’s crucial to life, and that some nations around the world are threatened by poor air quality. In tandem, climate change will raise sea levels to a point where cities resting at sea level are threatened. Also the same water we drink was also drank by dinosaurs millions of years ago. And lastly, the existence of water creates a unique environment where life exists, in a universe where life is a rare commodity.

Whether or not you want to fact-check these claims, whether they are true or false, or conspiratorial, the language used here has the potential to create narratives. Narratives, in turn, provide meaningful stories. Stories create value and appeal to those who are willing to read or listen, ultimately to learn from them.

That’s the goal here – this is why this exists.

For a long time, I found myself dabbling in all sorts of shit, both creative and practical, but one thought would override everything and stop me in my tracks:

“What is it all for?”

Existentialism aside, life experience makes a series of great stories. And a lot of them are untold.

So let’s tell the stories that aren’t told, through media that can resonate as heavily as possible.

This is just the beginning, so stay tuned for some great stories.


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